Student Spotlight: Andrew Barr

Name: Andrew Barr
Major: Applied Math
Year in School: Senior
Ethnicity: Peruvian-American
Hometown: Washington D.C.

My current studies and research at the University of Washington focus on applied math and high performance computing (HPC). My current research group, under professor Nathan Kutz, is creating software for American Sign Language recognition on smartphones. I recently was awarded a Mary Gates Scholarship to support this. I have been privileged to take a number of graduate courses as an undergraduate, and am currently applying to graduate programs in applied math.

Please visit Andrew’s website for more information on his academic career, his intentions in graduate school, his CV and his contact information. 

One comment on “Student Spotlight: Andrew Barr

  1. […] Name: Andrew Barr Department:  Applied Math Degree: Bachelor of Science Future Plans: going to UC Merced for Graduate School in Applied Math next Fall. […]

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