Student Spotlight: Patricia Montaño

Name: Patricia (Patty) Montaño
Major: Museology
Year in School: Second Year Masters
Ethnicity: Bolivian

Patricia (Patty) Montaño graduated from Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA with a Bachelor of Art in Biology in 2004. In Spring 2011 she completed a Master’s in Science in Biology from the University of Washington. Though a science nerd, Patty also studied dance, and the piano from a young age through her undergraduate years. Her work in education inspired her to pursue a career in museums where she could invite the public to consider the personal and cultural significances of science. Her past museum experiences have been as a docent and developer of bilingual materials at the University of Washington Botany Greenhouse, and co-creator of a summer camp at the Conservatory at Volunteer Park in Seattle. Once she completes her M.A. in Museology in 2012,  she looks forward to bringing her multi-disciplinary interests together to produce exciting public programs for museum visitors of all ages and backgrounds. 

Patricia’s CV can be found here



2 comments on “Student Spotlight: Patricia Montaño

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