Student Spotlight: Yuríana Garcia

Name: Yuríana Garcia
Major:  Intended Bioengineering
Year in School: 2nd Year Undergraduate
Ethnicity: Hispanic

My name is Yuriana, I am a second year undergraduate at the UW. Early in my adolescence I found my passion for learning. It was in my biology class I was blown away by material presented to me. It was there that my journey in the sciences began. I was also very interested in engineering and technology, and so I decided to major in bioengineering with the hope to one day be able to do research that includes both the innovation of new technology and the biology of human species. I have worked on various research projects from studying techniques to analyze and sequence DNA molecules in the human genome in the Parvis Lab to examining the role of an enzyme in methanol metabolism in the Lidstrom Lab. In my free time I like to read, volunteer, listen to music, hike, and dance .


2 comments on “Student Spotlight: Yuríana Garcia

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