Student Spotlight: Faith Sims

Name: Faith Sims
Major: Pre-Engineering
Year in School: Freshman
Ethnicity: Navajo/Sioux/Cherokee


My name is Faith Sims. I’m half Navajo and my clan is red house. I’m born and raised in Seattle, WA. I have been with SACNAS since my senior year in High school, and as an incoming freshman I nominated myself for historian. I am currently Pre-engineering, but I hope to pursue Civil/Environmental Engineering, and a minor in Spanish. With this degree, I plan to design and build water system in places where water resources are scarce. After the University of Washington, I hope to join Peace Corp and travel for missionary work. As for SACNAS, I hope to document our chapter providing a good image of who we are as Natives and Hispanics in science fields at the University of Washington.


One comment on “Student Spotlight: Faith Sims

  1. […] during Native American Heritage Month, Vanessa Galaviz, Patricia Montaño, Yuriana Garcia, and Faith Sims. There have also been several blog posts by female members of the chapter, such as Sabrina […]

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