Student Spotlight: Savannah Benally

Name: Savannah Benally
Major:  Secondary Teacher Education
Year in School:  Master’s Program
Hometown:  Shiprock, New Mexico
Ethnicity:  Native American

After completing my Bachelor’s degree at New Mexico State University, I came to the University of Washington to continue studying biochemistry in the Molecular and Cellular Biology graduate program. As I pursued my degree, working with community organizations to engage middle school students in science motivated my interest to teach general science. Upon completing a master’s degree in science, I began a teacher’s education program to become a middle school science teacher. I am excited to work with middle school students in tribal schools to encourage their pursuit of STEM careers.



2 comments on “Student Spotlight: Savannah Benally

  1. Joe Y says:

    So glad to see Savannah and all her success. I hope others come to know her and her abilities.

  2. […] Name: Savannah Benally Department:  Education: Secondary General Science Degree:  Masters in Teaching, Secondary Science Teaching Certification Future Plans:  Work at a middle school that serves underrepresented youth in STEM. […]

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