Student Spotlight: Graduation Edition

Pictured (from left to right): Andy Barr (BS), Daniel Alejandro Haskell (MS), Laurel James (MS), Ruth Sims (MS), Sabrina Bonaparte (PhD), Savannah Benally (MiT)
Officers (left to right): Daniel Hernandez, Natalie Garcia

This edition of the Student Spotlight Series will feature graduates of our chapter. If they were featured (or wrote) a previous blog post this year, it has been linked to their names below. We hope you enjoy meeting the class of 2012!!


Name: Andrew Barr
Department:  Applied Math
Degree: Bachelor of Science
Future Plans: going to UC Merced for Graduate School in Applied Math next Fall.

Name: Jose Pineda
Department: Neuroscience
Degree: Bachelor of Science


Name: Savannah Benally
Department:  Education: Secondary General Science
Degree:  Masters in Teaching, Secondary Science Teaching Certification
Future Plans:  Work at a middle school that serves underrepresented youth in STEM.

Name:  Daniel Alejandro Haskell
Department: Environmental Engineering
Degree: Master of Science
Future Plans:  Working at the Environmental Protection Agency

Name: Laurel James
Department: Forest Resources
Degree: Master of Science
Future Plans:  Continuing on to a PhD program in Forest Resources at the University of Washington.

Name: Katie McDonald
 Environmental Toxicology
Degree: Master of Science
Future Plans: Will work for the Department of Energy Bonneville Power Administration in Portland, OR.

Name: Patricia Montano
Department: Museology
Degree: Master of Arts
Future Plans: Moving to DC to pursue career plans

Name: Ruth Sims
Department: Electrical Engineering
Degree:  Master of Science
Future Plans:  Continuing to a PhD program in Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington


Name: Sabrina Bonaparte 
Department: Sociology
Degree: PhD
Future Plans: Working tirelessly to increase the number of minority students in STEM fields.

Name: Maria Zavala
Department: Mathematics Education
Degree: PhD
Future Plans: Faculty Position at San Francisco State University

Congrats, Class of 2012!!

About the Author “UW SACNAS Student Chapter”:  I (Sabrina Bonaparte, AKA, “Cyber SACNAS”) am signing off for good, now that I have graduated! I will probably be back for guest blogs here and there in the future but the blog will be left in good hands. It’s been fun exploring the world of science blogging with all of you and I will continue at my own personal blog site in the future! Thanks for the many guest blog posts, comments and suggestions you’ve all given me over this past year. Happy blogging! 


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